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    Hello! My name is Ala

    …And I’m a Fairy Godmother of small business and ecommerce website design 😉 Specifically those related to the UK construction and trades industries.


    First and foremost I’m a programmer. But I also have a quite unique (and handy) set of other skills, which come from my background in marketing, business improvement and, wait for it, lean manufacturing.


    How does my Godmothering work? Here’s the simplest explanation: I take a crappy website and transform it into the main source of the owner’s income.


    There is no magic in it though. Instead, I’d clean your code, throw in quite a bit of on- and off-page optimisation, push your spam score down, domain authority up and give a proper kick to your ads, so they finally do what they were designed for in the first place. So…. it’s a bit of work and you might get an occasional (virtual) slap in the face for not doing things right.


    But, I promise, it’s totally worth it!


    You’ll be so impressed with my work, it’ll knock your socks off.

    Knowledgeable, has a flair for design

    I have worked with a number of so called website developers/designers over the years, by contrast it has been an absolute pleasure working with Ala.

    She is knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and has a flair for design which far exceeds mine.

    We will be working together again in the future, thoroughly recommend her services.

    Blue Ostrich

    Andrew Wilkin, Director of Blue Ostrich Design Ltd