Agros Outlet

Website & SEO Recommendation For An E-commerce Outlet

Well, that was a piece of cake. I wish all the projects were as easy as this one. So, there was this Outlet company based in Poland, selling all their stuff on Allegro (which is a Polish equivalent of eBay). In case you didn’t know, Poland is big on online shopping – we, the Polish, love to shop online. What most of us is not so good on, is the SEO and online marketing. 20 years of the Internet, and we still don’t appreciate the power of the SEO. Occasionally it makes me weep, seeing how much potential of my nation’s websites is going to a waste.

But let’s get back to Agros. I made this simple and quick OpenCart website, Polish translation and Allegro integration included. Then explained to the owners, where to add the right keywords, so the search engines can find them easily. And, of course, I submitted the website to Goolge – something so powerful, but, sadly, hardly appreciated in our Eastern European block.

Needless to say, in the world of web pages without meta tags, Agros is performing exceptionally well organically. So well, there is no need for any paid advertising. And we’re talking here about an online shop that sells pretty much everything (no niche).