Lighthouse Capital Group – London Website Design

London Website Design for a Real Estate Investor Group

There is that awesome place for entrepreneurs on one of the social media platforms. One day, I’m scrolling through the latest post and saw something along these lines:-

“I am looking for recommendations for someone who can do a responsive website in WordPress and knows their sh*t and can customise things not just drag within templates. Also, I’m a fussy bastard, I’ll know if you’ve hacked it together and left a mess.”

Now, I don’t normally jump on every web project that comes my way (yes, I’m fussy too), but having experience working with one or two fussy bastards in the past, my first thought was:- “Hey! That’s right up my street!”. So I wrote my I-know-my-sh*t reply, and that’s how I got to work on this website.

The author of the words above is Andrew Wilkin, the Director of Blue Ostrich Design Ltd. Andrew outsourced the Lighthouse project to me, and my main task was to create this London website design as per mock-up (drag and drop boxes reasonably not allowed). I asked if I can try to improve the layout a tad, and, being given the permission, I threw in a few extra CSS styles and PHP functions. All SEO friendly of course, or it wouldn’t be me.

I must say, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Andrew. I would not hesitate to take on another of his projects… not even if it was way more challenging.