Trade Access Panels – Online Store Website

PPC, SEO & Online Store Website Maintenance

Trade Access Panels have an online store website offering a wide range of roof hatches, roof lights, access panels, ladders, sun tunnels, etc. to both the public and trade. They also offer exceptionally good customer service. However, they had trouble channelling all this information a few years ago, when their website was selling only a few products a week (at a breath-taking cost-per-click).

They came to me from a recommendation, with this beautifully simple website (made in my favourite shopping cart system too), and asked if I can help. And so I did. We (yes, WE, because I like to get the customer to do some work too) sorted the technical issues first (you’ve no idea how important that is for Google!) and made the PPC campaigns leaner (so it’s all muscle and no fluff). Then we made it dead easy to find the products and go through the checkout – not long ago someone mentioned this online store website is idiot-proof (this comment made me feel sooo proud 😁).

And so, from a few sales per week, we got to a few sales per hour. Even though it is a very competitive market.