Scrap Car Buyers – Website Design for Car Dealers

PPC, SEO & Website Design for Car Dealers

Scrap Car Buyers are West Midlands based environmentally friendly buyers of unwanted motor vehicles. I’ve started working with them a few years ago when they had this custom made website.

Now, you may ask, what would be wrong with a custom-made website? Everything! Trust me, you can get this pretty handmade theme or a completely made from scratch code… and then it gets old. And very quick too. Bear in mind, I’m not talking about the design getting out of fashion. I’m talking about your code getting incompatible with the updates surrounding your website (Google, WordPress or other OS, plugins or whatever else you need to have your website integrated with). So you end up with a website that does not keep up with the times… or you pay your web developer again to update the entire system.

Let’s get back to the Scrap Car Buyers. They had this custom-made non-responsive website (non-responsive is a big “no-no” in the age of mobile phones). I scrapped it and replaced it with a fresh website design for car dealers –  something light and responsive, that can also be updated with one click. I also integrated the website with the DVLA database, to make it easy for the visitors to get the quotes (instead of 10 fields to complete so as to describe the car, we now have one, and it works perfectly!)

But that’s not all. The old website used to (sadly) got most of its traffic from not so well designed Google Ads campaigns (I remember that seeing the daily budget and the cost per conversion made me dizzy 😵). We’ve started doing a bit of SEO and put those campaigns on a diet until they were no longer needed. The website now performs better than ever (and the cost of the PPC has gone down… to zero).