PC Midlands

Website, SEO And Digital Marketing for an IT Support Specialist

PC Midlands was one of the West Midland’s most brilliant IT support company (run by a sole trader – it’s an important detial in this case study; read on).


I created their website, boosted the customer base with a good amount of SEO, PPC, off- online marketing and then… stole the key person of the business 😎 He’s mine now! Turns out he’s extraordinarily good in page speed optimisation. I couldn’t let him walk around fixing computers.


As for the website itself, it is one of my oldest projects. The company required something smart, not too complicated, but also not WordPress. So I made a very simple HTML site showcasing their services.


Also, despite having absolutely amazing IT skills, they were struggling to get more than one customer a week. Which really isn’t that uncommon. You might be fab at doing something, but no one will ever know about it if you don’t “show and tell” what it is!


Therefore, first thing, we got their paid advertising in place (to start “showing and telling” immediately and to the right audience). Then, we worked on the local citations and the boring stuff that Google likes: keywords, content, meta tags, sitemap, yadda yadda yadda… Are you still with me?


Anyhow, result? Within six months the business was performing so well, we could cut the PPC cost off completely. It worked flawlessly for five years… until I stole that guy…